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Women's knitted jacket. This is a translation. The original pattern is published in Finnish in Novita Syksy 2009 and is available for free on their website. For the charts scroll down and click "näytä neulekaavat".
Sizes available: XS(S)M(L)XL(XXL)
Ready garment measures
Across back: 42(46)50(54)58(62)cm
From neck to bottom: 52(55)58(60)63(66)cm
Sleeve inseam: 43(44)45(46)46(47)cm
Yarn: Novita 7 Veljestä (colourway 766) (aran weight, 150 g = 300 meters) 550(600)650(700)750(800)g
or Novita Rose Mohair (colourway 078) 200(250)300(350)400(450)g
If using Novita 7 Veljestä 4-4½ mm and 5 mm needles or the size to obtain gauge.
If using Novita Rose Mohair 5 mm or 5½-6 mm needles or size to obtain gauge.
Gauge: 18 sts and 25 rows in stockinette stitch in 10 cm (4").
Stockinette stitch: knit on RS, purl on WS.
Textured pattern: work according to chart.
Hem piece measures about 30(32)34(36)38(40) sm slightly stretched.
Back: using smaller needles cast on 76(82)90(98)104(110) sts and work in stockinette for 3 rows. Bind off 3(3)3(3)4(4) sts in the beginning of next 2 rows. After that continue decreasing for armholes by binding off sts in the beginning of every row as follows:
For size XS: bind off 1 st in next 8 rows. 62 sts remains.
For size S: bind off 2 sts in the beginning of next 2 rows, and 1 sts in the beginning of 8 following rows. 64 sts remains.
For size M: bind off 2 sts in the beginning of next 2 rows, and 1 sts in the beginning of 12 following rows. 68 sts remains.
For size L: bind off 2 sts in the beginning of next 4 rows, and 1 sts in the beginning of 12 following rows. 72 sts remains.
For size XL: bind off 2 sts in the beginning of next 4 rows, and 1 sts in the beginning of 12 following rows. 76 sts remains.
For size XXL: bind off 2 sts in the beginning of next 4 rows, and 1 sts in the beginning of 16 following rows. 78 sts remains.
Work even in stockinette untill your work measures 20(21)22(22)23(24) cm from beginning of armholes. Bind off all sts.
Sleeves: using smaller needles cast on 45(47)48(50)52(54) sts. Knit one row (WS). Start working in stockinette stitch. When sleeve measures 18 cm, increase by making one stitch in the beginning and end of following row. Repeat increases every 12(12)10(8)8(8) row 3(0)2(7)5(3) more times and after that every 10(10)8(6)6(6) row 1(5)4(0)3(6) more times. Total amount of sts after increases is 55(59)62(66)70(74) sts.
When work measures 43(44)45(46)46(47) cm, start decreasing by binding off stitches in the beginning of every row as follows: 2 times 3(3)3(3)4(4), 2(2)2(4)2(4) times 2 sts, 30(32)34(34)38(38) times 1 stitch and 2 times 3 stitches. Bind off remaining sts.
Hem: is worked flat sideways, see direction of knitting in the chart. Using larger needles cast on 54(57)59(62)64(67) sts and purl one row (WS). Start working according to chart. Work 1st row as follows: section A (=3sts), section B (=9(11)11(13)13(15) sts), section C (=12 sts), section D (=9(10)11(12)13(14) sts), section E (=14 sts), section F (=3(3)4(5)5(5) sts) and section G (=4 sts). Repeat rows 1-12 of the chart for sections A, B, C, E, F and rows 1-8 for section G. Slip first stitch of every RS row.
Attention! After working first 3 rows start working short rows as follows:
*RS row: work 34(37)38(41)42(45) sts in textured pattern according to the chart. Turn work, make yo, work all sts in pattern. 
Next RS row: work 13(15)15(17)17(19) sts in pattern, turn work, make yo, work back.
Next RS row: work over all 54(57)59(62)64(67) sts, work yos as k2tog with the following stitch.
Work next 3 rows in textured pattern over all sts.*
Repeat ** (8 rows) untill left edge (=shorter, inside edge) measures about 116(124)132(138)146(154) cm. Leave sts on hold.
Assembling: sew sleeve seams (marked with red in the drawing 1). Attach sleeves to the back piece (marked with green). Using pins attach hem to the back and sleeves, pull slightly while pinning. Check that the lenght of the hem is right. Bind off sts. 
Sew cast on and cast off edges together so, that hem forms a circle (marked with blue in the drawing 2). Sew hem to the back and sleeves as shows in drawing 3 (marked with red).
Note from translator! You might want to use provisional cast on for hem piece, this way you'll get much better looking seam. You might want to place seam under the arm to make it even more unnoticable.
Photo by Lilia.