You can find the original pattern in Finnish in Ulla 3/09.

I designed these mittens for my dear sister, who is a professional piano player. Enjoy, Ira :)


Fhe cuff of the mitten is knitted sideways and sewed into round. Stitches for the body of the mitten are picked up along the edge of the cuff.


Yarn: Gjestal Maija (85 % wool, 15 % nylon; 50 g = 130 m/142 yards), 2 balls in light blue (207).

Gauge: 38 sts and 38 rows in cabled pattern (Chart 3) in 10 cm (4 inches).

Needles: DPNs, 3,5 mm (US4).

Size: Womens S/M

Ready mitten measures about 8,5 cm across the palm, and about 18 cm from the upper edge of the cuff to the fingertips. Full lenghs is about 27 cm. Thumb is about 7 cm long.

Knitting instructions:

NB! Instructions are for the right hand mitten. Remember to mirror the charts for the left mitten.


Cast on 32 sts.

Row 1: (WS) k2, p8, k2, p4, k1, p10, k4.

Start working in pattern using chart 1. Repeat rows 1-8 of the chart 8 times. Bind off sts and sew short edges of the cuff together.

Mitten body:

Pick up and knit 66 sts along upper edge of the cuff (left on the chart). Continue knitting in the using charts 2 and 3. Chart 2 (34 sts, repeat rows 2-9) represents the upper side of the mitten, chart 3 (32 sts, repeat rows 2-5) represenst the underside of the mitten.

Important! Thumb gusset: After 5 rows make thumb gusset by increasing sts on both sides of the last 2 sts of chart 2 (green in the chart). Work thumb gusset increases using chart 4. Notice, that sts, that are marked green in the chart 4 are the same sts, that are marked green in the chart 2. After working all rows of chart 4, there are 16 sts increased.

In the next row, place 18 sts of the thumb (2+16) on waste yarn. Make 2 sts over the gap, there is now same amount of sts as before starting the thumb gusset.

Continue working in pattern (charts 2 and 3) untill you've worked 56 rows in total.

Start tip desreases using charts 5 (upper side) and 6 (underside of the mitten). 44 sts decreased, 20 sts total.

Break the yarn and close the tip of the mitten using kitchener stitch.


Place thumb sts to two or three needles. Pick up 4 sts over the edge of the gap. In the next row work these 4 sts as follows: k2tog, ssk. 20 sts total.

Work rows 1-2 of chart 7 8 times. Work chart 7 rows 3-5.

Break the yarn and pull the tail through remaining sts to close.


Weave in all loose ends. Block gently. Wear with joy :)


 P.S. Please, don't mind the crappy charts and page layout... Sowwy...
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